I hear – I forget. I repeat – I remember. I do – I understand. (Chinese proverb)

Our management training is focused on people skills.
It has been designed for managers who have prior management experience.

Change one thing… but on a long-term basis

Everyone is always happy to go out on a training session. Yet for the trainee and his employer alike, the point is not to know if one enjoyed the session, but instead to figure out if anything has changed since.

In order to guarantee an optimal return on investment, Adventif’s management training consists of 4-days of common-core curriculum.

Our core expertise : managerial relations, change and the untangling of blocked situations.

A common-core syllabus mixing theory and practice
  • History of systems thinking
  • Shift your scale of observation : from individual level to interactions
  • The art of asking openly
  • What we should ask about, and not
  • Explicit and implicit aspects of feedback
  • Being prudent : testing and confirming assumptions
  • Different types of change
  • Context sensitivity
  • Discovering the systemic grid
Advanced practice : co-development
  • CODEV can be used as a standalone programme. It can also be a very natural continuation of what you have learnt during your 4-day management training.
  • Joining a co-development group with 4 days of prior induction into systemic thinking will undoubtedly give your practice a whole different level.
  • The method we promote does not rely on ready-to-apply solutions, but instead is based on real-life examples brought by participants.