A group of managers from various backgrounds meets at regular intervals.

For each participant, the starting point is the description of an issue he/she faces presently in his/her role.

As a structured method unfolds, the group explores this problem from different angles.

Session after session, participants take turns to be « consultant » and « client » for each other, under the coach’s supervision.

Down the road, theoretical inputs are brought to the discussion in order to foster collective learning.

First invented in Canada, this method is in full expansion in France.

Collective benefits

« Codev » is half-way between coaching and training :

As in coaching, real-life problems are adressed, with the aim of helping clients out.

As in training, a new skill is being developped. This skill is about problem solving, and can be applied back in the workplace. In this way, benefits are exported out of the « codev » room. Learning by doing.

More than a method, a new take on collective intellegence development.

A CODEV session follows a very precise pattern. Specific steps help structure the progression.

But beyond the method, codev is a vehicle for openness and mutual assistance. I can learn from others to solve my problem… and vice-versa, others learn from the challenges I face !