Right now you have a job, and you’d like to take some time to think over your various career options. Adventif guides you along this path, in a series of individual interviews.

Change ?

There is a lot on this website about change.
In career litterature, too.
You could therefore legitimately expect to be encouraged to make a job change.
At least implicitly.
There is no such intention.
At least if one thinks of « change » as « changing job place ».
This is for sure one of many options. But not the only one.
It all depends on your particular context, needs, and what, in your opinion, could be the most appropriate answer… after thinking it through.

As you probably already guessed, there are very few preconceptions at Adventif about what a « good » career looks like. The right choice is the one that suits you.
Inspired by a constructivist approach, we start off the reflection from where you are right now, and base it on your values and vision.

Career coaching

Choosing a job generally folllows a logical progression :

  • Sum up past jobs, skills and aptitudes
  • List the specifications of your project
  • Explore possible career outcomes
  • Select the most appropriate one

Should such a pattern suit your need, we can stick to it. If not, we have all the room we need to re-think your progression. We may not unfold the standard process listed above, but instead focus on more on one or another topic.
As you probably already figured out, at Adventif we like to take a different look at things.